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Accounting System Accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts receivables and accounts payable with strong compliance management.
Point of Sales   Aimed at improving customer relations while helping sales associates improve the efficiency of transactions.
Hospital Management System Easily automates the whole process of collating, retrieving and gathering patient information and as a consequence it relust in improved response time towards the patient's demands.
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Sunday May 24 , 2020

Featured Projects


Kiosk P.O.S. System

 Often take form as a small, semi-permanent open-fronted booth or stand where goods are marketed or sold.

Collection Billing System

The solution supports single and group billing carried out periodically in line with different billing cycles (daily, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually).

Inventory and Warehouse Management

You can use Inventory and warehouse management for inbound and outbound operations, quality assurance, warehouse activities, and inventory control.

Payroll System

fully integrated attendance leave credit monitoring, benefits & compensation management.